Making a difference to people with mental health issues and their families

We intend to champion mental health awareness, working within the community to make a difference to people's lives.

Have you ever been invited somewhere and not dared enter, have you ever walked past somewhere and just wish you could go in as you see people inside enjoining themselves? The idea behind our free community meals is that everyone is welcome and that no one should feel alone.

Head High hosts two free community meals monthly. On the third Sunday of every month we have our Supper Club at 5pm in partnership with St Martins Church, Flint Street, Allenton and the last Friday of every month at 12.30pm, in partnership with the YMCA, London Road, Derby. Both events welcome all, we encourage individuals to come and join us and businesses to support us either through sponsorship (around £80 a meal), cooking, serving or chatting.

Everyone is welcome and that no one should feel alone

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